Future Scenarios under construction

Illustration by Sharmila Banerjee


In Beyond Barcode, we invite you to experience the Quantum Multiversal Time Machine and get transported to different futures in different Oslos. The QMTM has unlocked portals to different points in space-time, but time here isn’t linear, and the spaces you can get to are only one of many possible futures of Oslo. These futures may not even be the Oslo you know, but a different Oslo in the multiverse intersecting with the one you know, with its own rules and logic. Each future has different immersive potentials: some you can experience by sound, some by touch, some by doing and making, and some purely by imagining.

The Time Machine Mechanic is your guide through the time portals of the QMTM. They have left you a series of assignments, with challenges and games, which can be unlocked to win cool Beyond Barcode prizes. Go to the reception or various “Assignment Centres” and pick up the Assignment Log XY502 (and a pencil) to begin the Beyond Barcode experience!

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