How Beyond Barcode was realized


Portals to Possible Futures

Explore the Scenario of Scenarios, and how to navigate Beyond Barcode

Explore QMTM


The Underwater Hotel of Oslo Fjord

Check in at Hotel Lobby on Floor -25

Explore 2092

Beyond Tøyen

The Smarter Future

The skycrapers of multicultural Tøyen

Explore 2100

Lokkuppet / The Lokk Coup

The Reclaimed Oslo S

How the people came together and reclaimed the city

Explore 2051


The Virtual Real

Will you be smart enough to take me home? 

Explore 2050

Essence of Grønland

The Language of Future Oslo

A green city with its own rules and its own language

Explore 2052-2072

Cloud 9 / 7th Heaven

The Sky City

Are you qualified to live above the clouds? 

Explore 2200

Chilleplassen / Chill Plaza

The Divided City

A future Oslo where people live underwater, or in the mountains

Explore 2222

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