Photograph by Katarina Caspersen

In the year 2085, an opportunity to escape the broken planet is available to the lucky few. Life continues on large helicarriers, hovering in the stratosphere. An energy field encapsulates each carrier surface like a dome and secures a pleasant climate. It harvests solar energy to fuel the carrier and sustain the population. The fortunate 1250 people living on each carrier can recover from the trauma of the man-made apocalypse of the earth and enjoy a shielded life in the clouds among fruit trees and artificial springs. Two carriers, named Cloud 9 and 7th Heaven, hover above what was once the eastern part of downtown Oslo, and host a selection of the district’s population. On a rare occasion, room is available to recruit another inhabitant amongst the wretched of the earth below. Do you have what it takes to be selected? Enter the office and fill in your application for a life in the clouds.

Photograph by Ildfluene

The process behind CLOUD9 / 7TH HEAVEN

Workshop 1, spring 2022

The idea of flying urban areas came about through four workshop evenings in March 2022. The workshops were held at the Intercultural Museum, in Oslo fjord garden at Sukkerbiten, and at the University of Oslo at Blindern. The participants took as their starting point the dismal idea that the Earth will be uninhabitable in 60 years from now. Meanwhile, technology has developed further, and life continues on flying platforms in the clouds.

In this scenario, the workshop participants have not been involved in the creation of the installation. The designer has worked independently with the ideas from Workshop 1.

Participants: Alig Tekleab, Zahra Ismail, Rama Alsaleh Almughir, Fadumo Ali

Designer: Katarina Caspersen

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