2052 - 2072
Future Scenarios under construction


Grønland in 2063 is a lot greener, the roads have been replaced by squares, trees and vegetation. This has created more space for pedestrians and local inhabitants with outdoor meeting places and play areas. The neighbourhood has managed to resist gentrification, keeping its unique cultural heritage as a busy, multicultural, grasroot-led area of Oslo. Local businesses are still one of the defining elements of the area.  

The alphabet has evolved through the multifaceted languages spoken in the area. There has been an organic change in the sounds, words and communications of people which has spread from Grønland outwards, where the «private» use of language has grown into the official language. To accommodate these changes, Norway has adapted 7 new letters into the alphabet. The letters have emerged and are visible through signage above storefronts, posters and graffiti. 

You are entering a design workshop for display signs for local businesses, a grass-roots led initiative meant to provide locals opportunities and assistance to establish and sustain small businesses. Try your hands on sign design and get to know the new future alphabet of Grönland. 

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