The collaboration between the Intercultural Museum and CoFUTURES/Science Fictionality draws together theoretical, methodological and practical expertise. CoFUTURES and Science Fictionality brings an important theoretical and methodological expertise, while the Intercultural Museum has vast experience in exhibition making and community engagement that is integral to the success of the project.

Beyond Barcode exhibition project relies on extended partnerships contributing to all aspects of the project: From conceptual development, content creation, future scenario making, prototyping to funding.

Networking partners



Oslo Fjordhage

Tøyen Unlimited

Content Partners (Workshops)

Mohamed Mohamud
Hashim Mayow
Yassine Ben Amor
Khalid Abdilahi
Helene Gallis
Sumaya Isse

Anja Bergersen
Mona Al-Karbawi
Kristin von Hirsch
Maaida Gulled
Sumaya Hassan
Khadira Jama

Ezgi Bolkar
Hanan Sharmarke Osman Hared
Hassan Abdiwahid Hassan
Hintsa Goytom Bereketab
Liza Mohammed Mohammed
Mounir Majed Alhamad
Nameh Alhamawi

Noor Hechmi
Rama Alsaleh Almughir
Zahra Ismail
Zainab Zainab
Sara Benmalek
Fadumo Ali

Creative Partners

Mia Habib Productions


Anas Salameh

Funding partners