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The year is 2222 and most of Oslo’s city’s center is now under sea level where the shoreline reaches what was known as Kjelsås in the past. Citizen’s of Oslo have adapted to living their life underwater but not everyone can afford living there. Around the shoreline reaching to the marka people have built their own housing while most of the public resources are spent maintaining the underwater city.

The city’s center is called Chilleplassen where people live, work and play. There you have shopping malls, cultural centers, schools, restaurants and everything you’d imagine a regular city has to offer. While efforts are put into making life underwater similar to what people know in the early 21st century, there are some notable differences. The economy is more circular, where energy production comes predominantly from waste and they have pills to fulfil nutritional needs. Environmental concerns are still prevalent but the underwater city development has impacted vegetation and sea life to the point there remains nothing but humans in the depths of Oslofjord.

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